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Barbara Escolme
Barbara E
Barbara E
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Barbara Escolme

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I’m a Property Specialist who blends training​,​ mentoring and coaching to get my clients results. I help aspiring property investors overcome fear​,​ overwhelm and self-doubt to build their own portfolios to support their dream lifestyle.

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a multi-million pound portfolio within five years despite significant personal setbacks. Raised over £500k in private finance through social media and in person networking. Established processes and systems to self-manage 16 tenancies with a young family and career. Experienced in many property strategies: momentum investing; buy-to-let; flips; serviced accommodation; creative deal structuring; title splitting​​,​ SSAS pensions etc. Accredited coach through The Coaching Masters so apply established frameworks and tools to support clients remove limiting beliefs and other mindset barriers. Successful international corporate career in financial services with an accountancy qualification and associate status at the chartered institute of investments and securities so can provide support when working with professionals​​,​ investors and financial institutions.


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