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Chris is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. He helps clients discover and develop their natural talents and apply them to achieve goals ​/​ projects ​/​ lead other people.

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Following a booking​,​ you will receive an email from me to welcome you onboard and discuss next steps


Chris is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. He has been using Gallup CliftonStrengths both personally and to develop others for over 15 years. Gallup CliftonStrengths asks the basic question: "What if focused on that at which people perform best​,​ instead that at which they perform worst?" Research has shown that people who focus on their strengths are more likely to be successful and find fulfillment from their pursuits. Having previously built a successful consulting business and team from scratch to 6 million in annual revenue by focusing on the development of a strengths-based culture​,​ Chris will help you discover your own strengths and unleash the strengths of your team to unlock the success you are seeking.


This offering is delivered online via video conferencing (Zoom). Also consider the '3 session' or '6 session' packages to benefit from a discounted hourly rate. A prerequisite for this coaching service is a CliftonStrengths 34 report. This report can be purchased directly from Gallup ( or via Chris' "Strengths Coaching: Assessment + Debrief" service.

Expected Outcome

The session is self-directed by the client based on the goal ​/​ project ​/​ leadership issue they decide to bring to the session. The expected outcome of the session is for the client to achieve additional clarity on how they can lever their natural talents to move closer to accomplishment of their goal ​/​ project ​/​ leadership issue. The session focuses on generating productive action and clients typically finish a session with a clear view on what they want to happen next.

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Free cancellation for 48 hours. See full policy

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