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I have more than 15 years of experience in business​,​ which includes buying and selling businesses and nurturing start-ups. My expertise lies in a variety of investment strategies​,​ working with high net worth clients since the age of 17. My primary focus is on M&A advisory​,​ where I assist entrepreneurs in finding their initial acquisition or help business owners expand their businesses through acquisition as a scaling method. Additionally​,​ I run a private equity firm that invests in my mentees' deals​,​ while also funding our own. We have a global presence​,​ with operations in the UK​,​ USA​,​ and UAE.

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Following a booking​,​ you will receive an email from me to welcome you onboard and discuss next steps


My main focus is to assist clients in acquiring businesses and implementing an acquisition strategy to establish a group for eventual exit. Our Mastermind group employs various creative strategies and provides support on due diligence​,​ integration​,​ deal flow​,​ and other related aspects. I have helped clients identify​,​ negotiate​,​ and close deals​,​ including arranging financing if necessary. Although our primary focus is not on "no money down" deals​,​ we have completed multiple such deals within our Mastermind group. Additionally​,​ I assist businesses in developing growth strategies. Real Case Study 1: Sector - E-Commerce Revenue: £350​,​000 Net Profit: £75​,​000 Initial Investment: £0 In this case​,​ the deal structure and negotiation were crucial. The business had high-profile clients such as Google​,​ HSBC​,​ and Premier League football clubs. Real Case Study 2: Sector - Civil Engineering Revenue: £11​,​500​,​000 Net Profit: £1​,​000​,​000 Initial Investment: £100​,​000 Again​,​ the deal structure played a critical role​,​ and we included an "earn out" clause where deferred payments were linked to performance. My primary goal is to fast-track your learning and equip you with the most valuable wealth-building skills to help you become a successful deal-maker.


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The type of assistance required will determine the outcome​,​ but I can provide guidance in various areas​,​ such as starting in M&A​,​ deal structuring​,​ or support with current deals. I offer coaching to help you become proficient in deal-making​,​ as well as provide guidance on business strategy​,​ financial analysis​,​ and other related areas of business.

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