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Online Business Coach | Coaching​,​ Consulting and Service Providers

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I've been in the coaching space for 4 years​,​ selling in multiple different industries such as fitness​,​ personal development​,​ and business coaching. I scaled my previous online coaching business to $65k in sales revenue​,​ with $25k cash collected and a team of 7. I have people people identify their perfect online business and turn it into their full time freedom business​,​ as well helping coaches scale from $2.5k​/​m to $25k​/​m and everywhere in between. I now specialize in helping start-up coaches and service providers​,​ currently in the 9–5​,​ build​,​ launch and grow their online business so they can sustainably build their online business around their life to replace their income and become thriving freedom entrepreneurs Areas of expertise Online Business Idea Generation Premium Niche Development (Identifying high-paying clients) Digital products and services or High-Ticket program creation Income replacement Roadmap building Organic Marketing & Setting Calls IG Funnel Building High-ticket Online Sales Scaling Systems and Delivery Personalised business growth strategies


1:1 Consulting Call via Zoom

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1 hour deep dive into your current business​,​ even if you are just starting out​,​ to identify what bottleneck is currently holding you back from your next stage of growth and build a custom-built​,​ actionable gameplan to walk away with to get results immediately with clarity on your long term vision. Free Bonus Gift 🎁 You will also receive a tailored income replacement roadmap so you will know exactly what you need to do in order to replace your income and turn your side hustle into a full-time business

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