Hello, I'm Suzette L.

(Certifications - NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness, Happiness, and Habits Coach) Transformational and Self-Empowerment Coach, on a mission to guide professional women to step into their own power by connecting with themselves and creating the abundant life they were meant to live. Multi-Dimensional, a single mother of two, born and raised in South Africa, now living in the Caribbean. My feeling of being lost and in search of a more meaningful life provided me with a colorful career, a history of relationships, and living in various countries and homes. I learned through my own transformational journey, that once you let go of feelings of guilt, shame, people-pleasing, and past traumas, and you learn to accept yourself warts and all, you will be able to truly love yourself. Getting to know yourself fully and aligning your core values and who you truly are with all aspects of your life, will lead to a life that is fulfilled, joyous, and abundant in every aspect. Having experienced life as a professional woman, whilst juggling the various roles placed on women by society, parents, partners, and our professions provided me with a full, non-judgmental understanding of the challenges professional women face.

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