Hello, I'm Chris S.

Developing people. Growing teams. Building business. This is what I do. Developing leaders who create great teams and places to work is my compulsion. My consulting and coaching practice employs concepts from Sustainable Leadership (building organisations that persist over the long term), strengths coaching (discovering and deploying your natural talents to achieve success), and Organisational Learning (learn fast and set better context for your team) to accelerate and increase the likelihood of accomplishing ambitious goals. The challenges business and team leaders face are very familiar to me. I’ve had more than 26 years as a consultant and internal coach—with leadership experience from small firms to a Big 4 partnership, and education from engineering to sociology to an MBA—to understand them. Given my background in technology consulting, I am naturally suited to working with people within the professional services and technology industries. I also enjoy working with founders and leaders in scale-ups helping them navigate the chaos of rapid growth. I am an Accredited EMCC Team Coach as well as a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Born and raised around Toronto, Canada; I have traveled extensively and lived around the world including in Sydney, Australia (10 years); Edinburgh, Scotland (6 months), Geneva, Switzerland (4 years), and Zürich, Switzerland (9 years). Currently based in Zurich, Switzerland, I work in English with clients throughout Europe.

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