Hello, I'm Louis J.

Hi, I am Louis Jackson It’s been a long journey for myself and my family to arrive where we are today. I can honestly say that every step and every trial along the way has added to the adventure. My first step as an entrepreneur came at five years old when I helped my grandad in our family business. He taught me from an early age that you must have the right work ethic and a passion for what you do. School didn’t spark that passion in me and I checked out at 16 to start working in McDonalds. I guess you could say that was my first foray into the world of hospitality! At 10 I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and at 13 with rheumatoid. Taking on these illnesses at such an early age, led to bouts of depression and being homeless twice as a young adult. I loved caring for others, it helped me to confront my own issues and through all of the difficulties I dealt with as a youngster, my grandad’s energy and enthusiasm for building a family business stayed strong in my mind. At 18 I started working as a support worker, caring for clients who were living with disabilities and wanted a more independent life. This was a special time in my life, as I could identify with what it was to live with a disability. Before i was 20s I was in a toxic relationship which led me down the wrong path, drugs which I overdosed from and crime this lead to me being sectioned for my own safety. I turned to health and fitness, and I lost 8st in 12months this saved my life! I gained clarity I was so focused just on me. But I had to take things back to basics and write things down. Make bed, wash up, pull curtains etc. In my early 20s I became even more interested in business and I pursued a childhood dream and that was to own my own business. I was working as an enforcement agent at the time (Bailiff) in just 9 short months I took over the company and brought my uncle in to help me run the company to which we still own. I then threw myself into property 😊. Perhaps because I had slept on so many floors and had been let down by so many landlords, I wanted to create a rental management company that cared for its tenants. Helping Others My passion now ignited within the property sector, I set up Just Relocate. A serviced apartment company providing short to mid-term apartment rentals for holiday guests, business travellers and employees relocating in and around the UK. Moving onto today, I have raised close to 1 million pound in joint venture finance and purchased four properties since the start of[Phone number removed]. For anyone reading this, its never to late to get started and remember never let anyone tell you that you cant do something!! Thank you for reading! Louis Jackson

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