Hello, I'm James S.

Public Speaker | Soon to be Author | Founder and CEO | No 1 on Linkedin | TikTok Novice ~ 7k + Join Sales Confidence - UK and Europes most valued B2B Sales Community. Elevating Sales as a profession and helping all salespeople and sales leaders at each stage of their career, with their growth mindset, wellbeing and constant never ending performance improvement. Join The Sales Confidence Membership for sales people and sales leaders to get access to: - Mentorship - Coaching - Peer Accountability Groups - Weekly Masterclasses - Dinners and more We help sales people: - Network, Learn and access jobs www.SalesConfidence.com We help companies: - Grow, coach, train and hire sales people Experience building sales teams and launching go to market strategies in SaaS. Passionate about connecting people and enjoy learning about the sales and marketing space. I spent over three years as a director at Linkedin responsible for flagship enterprise accounts in the UK and Europe and have over 10 years of experience in the sales and saas industry. While at LinkedIn I was No 1 on Linkedin. I speak openly about positive mental health and look forward to sharing more in 2024. We all have mental health we have a brain, emotion and therefore need support from time to time.

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