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Your Trusted Network to Collaborate & Learn from Vetted Mentors & Coaches
It takes just one person or conversation to inspire someone to make a change and start their own successful business. Your successful business could be just around the corner. MentorME was born from a passion for education and guidance in helping an individual succeed.
As an advocate for continued support and mentorship throughout his career but with this hard to come by, Jack Mangles founded MentorME. As the UK's first vetted mentor marketplace, MentorME meets the demands of a collaborative and unified platform to act as the springboard to inspire that change, bringing together mentors and mentees at the click of a button. This is the beginning of an exciting journey for MentorME as the 'go-to' to find a vetted and trustworthy mentor.
Meet our Founder Jack Mangles
I started this business following my own journey into entrepreneurialism during the global pandemic. I tried, struggled & failed to find a reliable mentor that had a great track record, and was in the business. So I decided to build one, and made our vetting process ensure the best mentors are available for you.
Providing a platform to facilitate and inspire relationships between mentors and mentees is something I am very proud of and wish I had access to at the start of my career. Following the trends in the economy, now feels like a pivotal time to inspire and provide guidance to the next generation of business leaders.
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