Property Sourcing Secrets
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Property Sourcing Secrets

PropertyMentored by Katie O

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Property Sourcing Mastermind Programme with online training​,​ coaching calls​,​ in life events and everything you need to start grow and scale your property sourcing business.

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"PROPERTY SOURCING GIVES YOU THE FREEDOM TO EARN WHATEVER YOU WANT​,​ THE FREEDOM TO WORK FROM WHEREVER YOU WANT AND GET INTO PROPERTY WITH NO MONEY AT ALL." I like to joke that I fell into property sourcing​,​ and I did - but my success was no accident​,​ and it was definitely not overnight. While I was finding my feet​,​ I experienced some incredible highs and devastating lows. But once I found what worked and repeated it​,​ my business stabilised. Creating processes that can be repeated and scaled led to the speedy growth of KO Estates. Now​,​ I teach others how to start and scale their property sourcing businesses. This is the framework I still use today. If you looking to create a side hustle​/​business or career change with unlimited earning potential with the freedom to work wherever you want to and your ready to take action then I know it will help you too.



Expected Outcome

- Build a profitable business​/​ side hustle from nothing​,​ with next to no start up costs around a full time job. ​- Create a business with unlimited earning potential giving you the freedom to work from anywhere and earn as much as you want. Build a profitable business​/​ side hustle from nothing with next to no start up costs all around a full time job. - ​Finding the best deals​,​ in any market so you can build a pipeline of off market opportunities​,​ to ensure you always have an incredible supply of deals without any previous experience. ​​Processes for analysing deals​,​ performing desktop due diligence and making rapid decisions to avoid missing out on the best deals . ​- Give you the systems to create an unlimited number of investor leads so you have a list of people queuing for your deals and can sell a property minutes after launching without having to spend any money on ads. ​- The tactics to scale your business quickly as a team of 1.

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