Hello, I'm Jack P.

What have I done with my life so far? Joined the Royal Air Force at 17 as an Aircraft Engineer, working on Jets and Helicopters. Deployed, contracted overseas for the Americans and then found Amazon FBA! After losing money, time I invested in my self, courses, mentorships, experience and after all that I have developed myself into a 6 figure Amazon Seller!

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  • WP

    I have known Jack for many years now and he has always been someone with incredible drive and determination, not just for himself but bestowing that on others to help push them to be the best they can be in themselves. Jack's mentoring course has gone above and beyond my expectations massively. At every point in the process, he has been attentive and effective at making sure all learning points are thoroughly understood. His break down of the course makes it flow so that all info is easily attainable and within no time without you even realising you are learning so much more than you could imagine. His ability to mould the course slightly to fit each mentees' ability and understand is second to none with incredible fluidity, allowing the course to fit around you and your life no matter the time of day. Throughout my mentoring I can say I have had the best learning curve in my life, which is already putting me on the path to financial freedom and company ownership allowing me to escape the rat race.

    Wil PMarch 2023

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