Hello, I'm Theo C.

As an experienced eCommerce entrepreneur and dropshipping expert, I have helped numerous individuals launch and grow successful online businesses, helping them to scale their businesses to 6 and 7 figures. My proven strategies and practical approach have enabled my clients to generate consistent revenue and achieve financial freedom through. I also freelance eCommerce coach/mentor for Dropship Lifestyle, which is rated the #1 eCommerce course by Shopify. I offer personalised coaching and support to help you identify profitable niches, source reliable suppliers, market your products effectively, and optimise your sales funnel to maaximise on profit. I will also teach you how to use popular tools and platforms such as Shopify and Zapier to automate and streamline your dropshipping operation. In addition to my eCommerce expertise, I am the co-founder of Profit Driven Marketing, a marketing agency focused on helping clients increase profits through paid media, this includes Google Ads and social media marketing. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced online seller looking to take your business to the next level, I am confident that my guidance and support will help you achieve your goals. Let's work together and turn your eCommerce dream into a reality.

Reviews from Mentees (5)

  • LS

    Booked this course with Theo with very little knowledge on dropshipping, after the final session we are now building my store. Theo’s knowledge is priceless and has helped me massively in taking the first steps. Couldn’t recommend enough

    LEWIS SJanuary 2024

  • JD

    Theo’s an awesome mentor! He has a LOT of patience and he’s always ready to provide valuable insights to each question asked. Looking forward to what’s next!

    Joseph DNovember 2023

  • JR

    In just a short session Theo cleared up some huge uncertainties as well as provide guidance on where to go next. Highly recommend getting on a call! Theo has saved me hundreds or possibly thousands in errors I would have otherwise made.

    Jonathan ROctober 2023

  • JD

    Theo has given me the impression of being a very knowledgeable individual - I just had a call with him so far, however, I already feel much more confident about what I'm trying to achieve. Looking forward to what we'll be able to accomplish together!

    Joseph DJuly 2023

  • JG

    I had my first 1 to 1 session with Theo yesterday, I learnt more in 1 hour with Theo than I did in many hours and days on YouTube and the internet. It was an amazing experience for my first time having a mentor, he made sure I understood everything he was saying and would explain things in great depth. I would highly recommend.

    Jacob GJanuary 2023

Reviews from Mentors (0)