Hello, I'm Brad P.

MELIOR. Life Coaching is a unique and relatable coaching service that I always needed, often we go through life staying in our comfort zone battling insecurities, lack of gratitude, confidence, demons the list is endless with all types of self-sabotaging identity’s we label ourselves with which then does not bring out our true potential. The reason for this is that we don’t usually know how to do this because we live life at 100mph that we forget that our habits, routine, discipline, and structure play a key part on how we think, feel and act daily. Sometimes we seek help but the usual people with a clipboard can’t truly relate to what we have been through so how can we trust the process? We all have the power to unleash the desired life we want but it comes once we truly learn how to love ourselves and that we are in control of the life that we want no matter how big it may seem to others I want you to know it’s there to be created. We offer tailored services with 1-2-1 and group coaching alongside public speaking events, we are 100% certain that the level of coaching we provide is suitable to everyone no matter what level in life.

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