Hello, I'm Neilen M.

After dropping out of uni from mental health issues with a debt and no degree, to working in a minimum wage job, I knew I needed to make a change or forever be stuck broke & depressed I started selling on Amazon casually in 2016, and by 2017 I had quit my job to pursue my Amazon FBA private label business. It was a hard journey but I had grown the business to 7 figures by 2022 and sold the brand to a European aggregator after it slowly but surely outgrew my ability to manage the business alone. After selling Proxinova, I invested the money into rental property and other new private label businesses while I travel the world. After countless people approached me about teaching them how to build, grow, scale and sell a private label Amazon FBA business, I decided to put together the clearest, most comprehensive roadmap that I could build to help anyone generate income from 0 experience by launching their own brand of products on Amazon & eBay, even if they have no idea what to sell yet. The journey is all encompassing but focuses very much on product research and brand protection as these will be vital to your business, but all done in such a way to ensure your journey uses my experience so that yours is quicker, cheaper, easier & less stressful than mine was.

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  • HB

    My hour session with Neilen was the most effective thing I’ve done with my Amazon FBA journey so far. I’ve been trying to set up my own private label Amazon FBA business over the past 4 months and it’s been difficult. Not knowing what I should be doing at each stage and using a variety of YouTube videos with inconsistent messaging, meant that it’s been a very slow process and I’ve made a lot of mistakes that’s cost money. Within an hour sessions with Neilen, he was able to: 1. Understand exactly where I was in my selling journey 2. Lay out each step in the selling process to give me an overview of what was needed to be achieved. 3. An in-depth look into what I need to do in the selling process, in line with point 2, honing in at each stage what I needed to do to get my product over the line. Not only do I now have the know-how to get it done, I feel confident that I’m on the right track and I can do it properly. I couldn’t recommend a session with Neilen more.

    Harry BOctober 2023

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