Hello, I'm Shadi Z.

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  • JD

    Shadi isn't just a mentor who gives you 8 lessons and leaves. He motivates you to do better, after every call I had with him i was more excited to get to work on my amazon business than ever, its been a few a weeks since my course ended and he still checks in to see how I'm doing and never hesitates to answer a question i have about amazon, without Shadi i would've never made it this far and kept working on amazon and for that I am forever grateful. He doesn't just teach you business, he encourages you to improve other areas of your life to overall improve the trajectory of your business/ side hustle. Before I met Shadi i hadn't picked up a book since secondary school, he heavily encouraged me to start reading again and gave me great recommendations for example "think rich grow rich". I'm now on my third book and the reading alone has changed my life so much, from values i aspire to have to a whole new perception on business and life. Overall my experience with Shadi was everything I had hoped for and more, thank you Shadi for everything and thank you Jack Mangles for showing me this great opportunity.

    Josh DApril 2024

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