Hello, I'm Josh D.

Before making a single penny, I failed miserably at multiple businesses: - An online coaching comparison site (too early to market) - A lifestyle clothing brand (manufacturers scammed me for £15,000) - A personal training business (my ego thought clients would follow me) That’s when I realised something that would hold me back forever, in any endeavour... It doesn’t matter what I try and do. I have ZERO selling skills. I couldn’t even sell cookies to a fat kid! So, here’s what I decided to do... Instead of trying my next bright idea, I needed to go and collect this skill. I look at the skills you collect in life, in the same way you’d collect Pokémon cards. This was just 1 card I didn’t have in my deck just yet. So, I dropped my ego, and did the following... I got a job, I became employed again, working as a sales rep for David Lloyd Clubs. I was thrown into the deep end cold calling 100 people per day, setting appointments & closing deals. At first, I was sh*t, but the reps I was forced to make, made me better overtime. After 1 year, I made £403,110 in sales. I then managed a private personal training studio, still employed, and mentored 7 personal trainers. Adapting what I’d learned, doubling the members of the gym, and raising the client base of all personal trainers to 30x sessions per week, each. After a 3 year break to develop my sales skills, and collect that Pokémon card, I decided to launch my own business again. I invested into mentors, to continuously learn, and took my online fitness coaching company to £250,000 per year from the ground up. Once I had walked the walk, I began to teach and mentor other fitness professionals to do the same, and have helped 100's, launch, grow and scale their businesses. Becoming financially free and working from anywhere in the world. The skills were then adapted across all industries, and I have generated multiple 7-Figures+ within Limitless University. Barbers/Beauty, Aesthetics, Construction, E-commerce, Real Estate, Education. Just to name a few... The biggest lesson I have learned... Collect the card you know you need, to create the future you deserve.

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  • Jack M

    I’m always looking to find ways to increase leads + sales for our mentors, and I found 1 hour with Josh a gamechanger.

    Jack MNovember 2023

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