Hello, I'm Michael G.

Hey, I am Michael. After 17 years working for a high street bank and dabbling with eBay on the side, I decided to follow my passion and go full-time in e-commerce. I have grown and scaled numerous eBay stores for myself and clients, I am an Amazon FBA seller, 3PL warehouse owner, and currently building a private label brand. So I have a fair bit of knowledge in the space. My passion is helping others achieve their goals, whether that be to generate a few hundred pounds for their next holiday (how I started) or to grow and build a business that will provide a full-time income. I firmly believe in practicing what you teach and that's what you will get with me. My passion for e-commerce has allowed me so much more time freedom and that was my drive, my why, so I could spend more time with my family, show them the world, and most importantly do it on my terms!

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