Day Trader Programme and Mentorship
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Day Trader Programme and Mentorship

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Zero to Day Trader in 3month Programe

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Unlock Your Trading Potential: Transform into a Confident Day Trader in Just 3 Months! Are you ready to fast-track your trading journey and become a successful day trader? Look no further! With my extensive experience in investment banking​,​ including 15 years with prestigious institutions like JP Morgan​,​ Barclays​,​ and Standard Chartered​,​ I am here to guide you towards trading mastery. Introducing the Zero to Trader Program​,​ a comprehensive 3-month mentorship that will equip you with the knowledge​,​ strategies​,​ and tools to excel in the trading world. Through this program​,​ I will share my very own trading strategy​,​ which I have used successfully to trade index futures. You will gain access to my proprietary indicators​,​ giving you a competitive edge in the market. During our time together​,​ we will delve into the intricacies of my system and strategy. We will cover crucial topics such as chart dissection​,​ enabling you to understand and interpret what you see on the charts effectively. Time frame analysis will be a key focus​,​ allowing you to identify optimal entry and exit points based on different time frames. Technical analysis will be simplified​,​ concentrating on the key elements that drive market movements while eliminating unnecessary noise. Trade management automation will be another vital component of our program. You will learn how to automate certain aspects of your trades​,​ streamlining your decision-making process and maximizing efficiency. Expert money management techniques will be shared​,​ empowering you to protect your capital and optimize your risk-to-reward ratio. Trading psychology is often overlooked but plays a crucial role in successful trading. We will dive deep into understanding and managing emotions​,​ building the mindset of a disciplined and resilient trader. By addressing psychological barriers​,​ you will be better equipped to make rational decisions and overcome common pitfalls. All the knowledge and strategies shared throughout the program are those that I personally use in my own trading. You will gain access to a proven system that has helped me grow my investment portfolio to over £1 million. To ensure an immersive and effective learning experience​,​ the program will be delivered through a combination of in-person and online sessions. We will kickstart with a 2-day in-person session​,​ getting you ready to trade from day 3. Following that​,​ we will have 6 sessions held fortnightly over the span of 3 months. This structure allows for continuous learning​,​ practice​,​ and feedback​,​ ensuring you progress steadily towards your trading goals. Don't miss this opportunity to transform yourself into a confident trader in just 3 months. Contact me today to secure your spot in the Zero to Trader Program and unlock your trading potential. Fast-track your success in the financial markets with a mentor who has walked the path and is committed to your trading excellence.


2 day in person workshop 1-2-1 6 1h sessions every two weeks over 3 months

Expected Outcome

By embarking on this mentorship program​,​ you can expect to achieve the following outcomes: Technical Analysis Mastery: Gain a deep understanding of technical analysis and develop the skills to analyse charts​,​ identify patterns​,​ and interpret market trends. You will become proficient in using technical indicators to make well-informed trading decisions. Risk and Money Management Mastery: Learn effective risk management techniques that will safeguard your capital and help you optimise your risk-to-reward ratio. We will focus on developing a strategic trading plan​,​ setting appropriate stop-loss levels​,​ and managing position sizing to protect your investments. Professional Index Future Trader: Acquire the knowledge and expertise required to excel as a professional index future trader. I will guide you through the intricacies of trading index futures​,​ providing you with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate this specialised market. Detailed Strategy Delivery: Gain exclusive access to my personal trading strategy​,​ delivered to you in comprehensive detail. I will walk you through every aspect​,​ explaining the rationale behind each decision and providing valuable insights that can enhance your trading approach. Proprietary Indicators: Access my proprietary indicators​,​ which have been developed and refined over years of experience in the field. These indicators will give you a unique edge in the market​,​ allowing you to make more accurate and profitable trading decisions. Become a Confident and Consistent Trader: Through personalised guidance and support​,​ you will develop the confidence and discipline required to trade consistently and successfully. I will help you overcome common trading pitfalls​,​ manage emotions​,​ and maintain a resilient mindset throughout your trading journey. By the end of this mentorship program​,​ you will have the skills​,​ knowledge​,​ and confidence to thrive as a trader. You will be equipped with technical analysis mastery​,​ proficient risk and money management techniques​,​ specialised expertise in index futures​,​ and a comprehensive understanding of my personal trading strategy. Prepare to elevate your trading game and achieve consistent results in the financial markets

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